What wasn’t in the news this week?

We live in a perilous time. Let me be your guide as I give a weekly round up of the News at 10 so you are not subjected to it. Expect to see the stories that you’re not supposed to see.


Chinas human rights

Its time to whip out the racist headlines that I can only assume tabloids stockpile as Chinese president Xi Jinping visits England this week. Here are some points that likely won’t be on the political itinerary.

Under resident Xi Jinping human rights have deteriorated with over 300 human rights lawyers being arrested under scrupulous (read bullshit) terms. Human Rights Watch still states that China is an authoritarian state, and last year China executed more people than the rest of the world put together.

Chinas subversive ability to get the west talking about anything other than its human rights records is either genius or idiotic. Highlights include imprisoning an actual Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo. All this of course comes under the usual regime of Orwellian blocking of websites, forced pledging of allegiance to the Ideological values of the party and mass corruption. Expect the BBC to mention “trade deals”.


Israel Palestine conflict

Numerous stabbings and reprisal attacks have led to rising tensions with some arguing that a third intifada is gearing up. As the pundits and political experts- who may or may not be pundits or political experts ague the case of Israel’s right to self defence don’t expect to hear too many Palestine voices.

This week Benjamin Netanyahu denied Frances attempt to get impartial observers at the temple mount and reproached them for attempting a solution that may have led to the threat of peace, saying that Israel is not the problem.

The international community however may disagree. Last years war led to the death of over 2,500 Palestinians killed and of that 70 per cent were civilians. 70 Israelis were killed and both Hamas (the ruling government in the Gaza strip) and Israel have been harshly criticised by human rights groups for their targeting of civilians.


Drone strikes revelation

If anyone farts close to this topic on air I will eat my hat. The intercept recently published a series of stories attained through a whistle-blower detailing the drone strike programme and its bureaucratic structure. Interesting tid-bits include the fact that Obama lied when he said that the threat has to be imminent to warrant a drone strike (he allows 60 days to complete the mission). And that signals intelligence (telephones, emails etc.) is unreliable and have led to a high levels of “collateral damage” in as large a pair of finger quotes as you can get.

With over nine in ten Jackpots (assassinations) not being the intended target. Or stories of tracking targets phones for years only to learn it belongs to the friendly neighbourhood terrorists gran checking in to see what time he’s coming for tea, questions may rise as to why the fourth estate has been so compliant in repeating the governments assertions that it is killing only terrorists. Even if they claim to kill that terrorist more than once.

That’s all for now, keep an eye for the box and see whether I need to buy a new hat, until then keep it fair and keep it balanced.


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